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Through 20 years of working life in consumer electronics, fashion was always something he was passionate about. With love for shoes, one day he decided to design and sell elegant men shoes as his own brand. As much as he enjoyed it, it was just a fun single project because the main business kept him busy and required his focus. Years of executive commerce, marketing and supply chain experience went by. After so many years of travelling the world, having great experiences and doing exciting business on behalf of big companies, he felt he was grateful for that experiences and that it was time to start his own business. He wanted to do something he would really love and could get all excited about, which is his own. When Kay told him about her vision and ideas, he was immediately sold. How much more fun can it possibly be, than creating resort wear for his little ‘mini me’ - and many other ‘next level kids’. It’s because of his determination and decisiveness, just a week later, the Seabass company was officially born. As the Business Director, Barry deals with commerce, finance and supply chain and makes sure the business keeps on going. ‘Impossible is nothing’ – is his motto.




She remembers her mother and grandmother sitting behind the sewing machine, creating the most finest little girls clothes for her that wasn’t available in stores. Her sense of style never leaves her side. She loves elegance, with an inner rebelliousness. It’s about not trying too hard, it has to be effortless. As a child she always loved to write stories, about all the places she travelled to along with her parents. She was very into fashion, as she created moodboards out of magazines, with looks of her favorite stylists, icons and designers season after season. Later on she dreamed of creating and running her own brand one day. Her little boy, combined with all the beauty she saw while travelling the world, became her inspiration, as she created Seabass. As a Creative Director, she creates the brand and the collection.




Her love for the beach originates from her young childhood, as she spent all her summers at the summer house with her parents and grandparents. She finds peace in the wide spaces of nature and the calmness of the sea, as her little feet walked barefoot over the sandy beaches. As a child this little dreamer often lost herself in the many drawings she made. Drawing is her innate talent. Anything she could do that called her creativity made her heart bounce. After finishing the school of graphic design, she developed herself in forming, styling, design and the techniques. Mandy met Kayleigh at a coffee bar. Kayleigh told her about her vision and the brand. She had an instant connection with Seabass. From that day on Mandy is the graphic designer at Seabass and promoted to Creative Manager through the years. Besides being a master in graphic design, she also shows her 'wiz kid' skills while developing the website. She’s down to earth, straight forward and a perfectionist. Everything with passion.



From a young age Deborah always found her interest in fashion. This made her follow a fashion management study after high school. She’s watching Seabass since the day the brand launched and the brand story and the products appealed to her so much that she was determined that Seabass had to be the company for her internship. During the internship, Deborah already became a full team member. After finishing her internship,  she took the role of Channel Marketeer, being responsible for maintaining sales- and distribution channels and supports at initiating new sales channels. Deborah is ambitious, studious and enthusiastic. Her sincere dedication made her part of the Seabass family within no time.